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  • Hello coming up to Orkney in July my daughter is bridesmaid at a local girls wedding and mum and dad are required for baby sitting duties got your name off the forum wondering if you could give me some advice re trout fishing in Orkney I m a regular fly fisher but never tried highland lochs any advice would be appreciated
    Shocking spelling for a writer stan, especially one with an interest in Orkney history! Lol

    Oh, and nice one with the flies.

    Atb Thorfinn
    Are you Stan Headley? If so I have yer books and they're awesome and i love yer articles in Trout 'n' Salmon
    I thought it was sika but actually it was muntjac. And yes, I've got plenty. send me your address and I'll post it to you. £10.00 + postage = £11.00.

    Cheers Stan
    Hi Stan, I bought a patch of Sika frm you about 10yr ago at a demo for the FDG in Edinburgh. I used it to great effect for sedgehogs, got them nice and dense, one of my fave flies, very versatile. The problem I have is I can't seem to replace it. I bought short length roe deer hair from GAC but I couldn't get natural so settled for a rusty ginger colour & it isn't as good. I wondered if you could flog me some or put me in touch with somebody that could in the quality you provided?

    Cheers Dave
    Nice report and pics,but why oh why did you have to place your homely mug on the forum. Don't you know there are kids and people of a nervous disposition checking in?
    Yes, its good. The punters will love it. Most of it covered in my excellent tome, but it all bears repeating. Was interested in the 'changing leader re: light conditions'. I'll bear it in mind.
    Are you refering to my propensity for talking pi.....nonsense Stan...?
    Colin is a great judge of character,leave him alone.
    Ive not read the article mate...any good...?
    "I started this life with nothing............... and I've still got most of it left!"

    Whose been listening to Seasick Steve then......Great title for an album eh..!
    sorry, did mean to ask, the bible will be a hard act to follow but is there another in the pipeline?
    my condolences, loch bible, good book.
    Stan, are you the same Stan Hedley that wrote the book i just read?
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