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    Shooting Rats;

    Well up to 12 now, thinning them out nicely.
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    Starting the cast

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    sights for ar 15 for deer hunting

    I used an Aim-Point 2x dot on a 7x64 for driven Boar, when i zeroed it I found you could use it quite happily out to 200 yards at a target. All my shot's where taken under 75 yards on the Boar, the largest was around the 100kg mark. Would not hesitate to use one for woodland hunting.
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    American vs British cane rods

    There are dozens of very good rod makers out there both in the USA and a few over here. One such is Chris Lantzy Custom rodmaker. A really nice chap to talk to.
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    one for the tackle tarts

    Lovely reel Sir RHW I presume ?
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    First Glass Rod

    Webblade, You have the right idea save up and treat yourself to a Steffen bros, or a McFarland, you will never regret it. I have a vintage ST. Croix 6'6'' x 6 2pc but it will fish a DT 3/4/5/ WF6 they are so versatile and you can feel every thing right down in your hand. I also have indulged...
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    First Glass Rod

    Much more reliable better action and very much like cane. You have definitely answered your own question. E-Glass would fit the bill for your stream. Let use know how you get one.
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    Palomar knot strength vs Improved Clinch Knot for Kings

    You must have tighten the knot up wrong, The Palomar knot strength is 91% more if you glue it. The imp- clinch is up to 86%. The Palomar is the strongest knot for braid.
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    Quad cane fly rod

    Alfie, Did you ask how much he charges for a new rod now.
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    Dry fly rod?

    I have a Scott 88-G- series for sale on here a wonderful dry fly rod.
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    Quad cane fly rod

    Quad rods are very popular in the USA, they tend to be stronger more robust and quicker action. How technically better you would have to ask a rod builder. Ask Splinters on here or Gary Marshall.
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    Unknown French Cane Maker

    I would say the correct term is Split- cane or bamboo. The American-ism of Boo is unnecessary.
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    Scott G2 8’ 4” #3

    I think you are picking nits, I don't think the so called quicker recovery is worth 750.00 over a good s/hand one:cautious:
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    Scott G2 8’ 4” #3

    But is it any better than the original G series I wonder. Having tried both I don't think so, ( but then I am slightly bias ) in favour of the original.