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    used ebay reel for a beginner?

    The Endrick Spider is my hero. He has given me the courage to come out. When I deploy my early/late season outfit, it involves the use of my old faithful Rimfly reel. All my #7 lines are on the Rimfly spools. It is failproof being so simple. The spare spools were mainly donated by anglers who...
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    out dated flies

    I once caught something from a peach doll, if that counts.....
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    out dated flies

    That's the problem with those Invictas. They put up a hell of a fight.
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    out dated flies

    I have recently rediscovered the Invicta as an ideal drowning sedge imitation. Not sure that it ever went "out of fashion", but it is an old stalwart.
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    Close account

    My initial reaction to such a request is "flounce alert", but it has dawned on me that it could well be data-protection-based.
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    Lightweight stool

    + 1. I bought one for a fiver at my club open day/charity stall with the intention of using it only until I regained strength after spinal surgery. Best fiver I ever spent. Although I can once again if necessary wander the 1½ miles around the club reservoir non-stop, my fishing is now much more...
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    Mortimer and Whitehouse.

    I found it much more enjoyable when it dawned on me that it isn't really about fishing. That last programme in the previous series, where thet meet Chris Rea in a pub, was wonderful, contrived or not.
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    C'mon Bob - a 1lb 4oz minnow?
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    Guess the weight

    5lb 2oz.
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    Vintage gold or landfill?

    I seek advice O Wise Ones about some old rods. I am assisting the lovely Sheila, my neighbour, following her gruesome discovery at her brother-in-law's house a few weeks back. Her late b-i-l was obviously at one time a keen outdoor sportsman (the two unlicenced firearms were interesting!) and...
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    Actually, that was a lie.
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    Looking forward to seeing the youtube video.
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    There is lying, and there is weaving facts into some semblance of veracity. For instance, I can justifiably(ish) claim to have played for the Lions and the All Blacks. In the case of the fishing, I admit that I once acted Puckishly on my club water. I had caught a stonker for the water (10lb 6oz...
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    Fishing clothing recommendations

    Thanks flounder, I will take advice from anyone with positive experience of some mid-range waterproofs. I prefer a jacket style over a smock, so will have a browse based on the previous posts. Much appreciated guys.
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    Fishing clothing recommendations

    Many thanks for the suggestions and comments guys. Plenty to look at there, and it's my birthday in three weeks! I know where wobbly face lives. He must be the world leading authority on keeping dry. I will check out his suggestion first.