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    Cottage near Llyn Clywedog July/August

    That's excellent, thanks very much.
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    Cottage near Llyn Clywedog July/August

    I have the chance to fish Llyn Clywedog in July or August that I'm quite keen to take up. If anyone know of a cottage that may be available to rent for 2 people and a Spaniel I'd be pleased to hear from you. I appreciate that with everyone taking staycation this year it is a long shot. Thanks Graham
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    Ah, thanks.
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    I haven't seen much from Tony lately. Is he still here?
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    5/6 Wt Reel - Sold

    Sold - Having fallen foul by exceeding the two posts a month rule in May here I go again. I have for sale a nice 5/6 wt reel. It is very smooth and has nice drag........... exactly what you would expect from a Chinese Import. It is nothing special and I'm not making it out to be more than it...
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    Fishing Trousers

    Scierra Kenai Pro overtrousers for me 🙂
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    Might be worth a read.
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    Thank you, I thought it would be but I was curious. I can't even remember how I came by it.
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    I have an old Hardy Tailer. I'm assuming they are used/ or used to be for landing Salmon. Can anyone shed any light on such a thing?
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    SOLD - An original SKB ( Ben Bizzell) 5/6 Cassette Reel with a spare spool

    I'm having a thorough sort out of my fly reels. I have come across one of the Original SKB 5/6 Cassette reels in Green with 2 plastic spools in total. There is some very slight gravel rash. I'll put some photos up tomorrow. £25:00 plus p&p of buyers preference. Thanks Graham
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    Almost Anything Goes

    Fabulous looking pup. Plenty of adventures to come.
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    SOLD - Greys GTS 5/6/7 + 3 Spools

    SOLD Greys GTS 5/6/7 + 3 Spools with case. Has some gravel rash. Line not included £35:00 posted
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    The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, episode 64 *

    As always a really entertaining read.
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    A shout out to Orvis Stockbridge.

    Since buying an Orvis Clearwater Large Arbour Cassette reel from a fellow forum member a couple of months ago I have been on the lookout for another one. Not having any success I decided to buy a new one. Not wanting to make a wasted trip to Orvis at Stockbridge I gave them a quick call and they...
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    Sold - Folding Boat Seat complete with Swivel Clamp

    Sold - I'm having a bit of a clear out. As a result I have my folding boat seat complete with swivel clamp for sale. It is very comfortable and is in excellent condition. However it is heavy bit of kit. Approximately 16lbs. £30:00 + Postage/ carriage