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    Any river kelvin members here

    You can renew your Kelvin ticket at the GAC as long as you are an existing member, if not you need to send in a form.
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    work groups for the black cart

    You just described every club in the West of Scotland so what is your point? Bring on the rod Licence I say as it will cut the wheat from the chaffe! :thumbs:
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    Sea trout from today and some other recent catches from the river Kelvin

    Congratulations - I have seen a few fish that folk think are Sea Trout from the Kelvin that are not. In the Kelvin their is a strain of silvery looking trout because of their high fat diet. The trout you caught are defo sea trout and look lovely - well done!
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    River kelvin, who fishes it?

    I fish it funnily enough :-) Once we implimented a no stocking and no killing policy for the trout they started to get bigger and more numerous - who would have thought it ;)
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    First River Kelvin outing

    You need to send in your application by post and then wait for it to be returned - it can take a week or so!
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    Line for an Orvis Superfine Trout Bum.

    I have the exact same rod and currently use a 4 weight Rio Gold. I have also used the 4 weight wildfisher lines and it works lovely with them. Also used it with a 5 weight and it fished well close in on wee burns!
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    looking for bigger fish :) (aren't we all)

    Total slip of the keyboard - of course we did not stock with wild trout :thumbs: NINJA EDIT: Actually, you read it wrong !
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    looking for bigger fish :) (aren't we all)

    Hiya, there are plenty of big trout in the Kelvin and I am glad you are not one of these guys that catch a three quarter pounder and call it a pound! I have had my fair share of the big trout in the Kelvin and since we stopped stocking the wild trout have went from strengh to strengh, the last...
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    Moffat - River Annan info please!

    Going to Moffat for a couple of nights at the weekend and could not help but see the Annan flowing past. What are the chances of a couple of hours at the stretch at Moffat - anyone fished it or any other info?
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    Lifetime warranty from Hardys?

    Because anything they say will be along the lines of smacking you in the face and taking your wallet.
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    Orvis superfine touch

    I use the 8' #4 and love it!
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    Trout Grass (2005)

    I have this DVD - it is pretty good and worth a watch!
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    A sad reflection on the times...........

    He was not acting as a bailiff at the time.
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    Sage service

    Yes, Sage are great. I snapped my Sage SLT by stepping on it at the end of the season. Mailed Sage who said send it to them or give it to a local dealer. I gave it in to the Glasgow Angling Centre who dealt with everything for me and for the sum of £30 got it back in a month or so. In fact GAC...