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    Andrew’s Scruffy Dubbing

    The best dubbing around ..... and I have absolutely no links or connections with any suppliers
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    Actual size comparison, Tiemco 103BL #17 v Fulling Mill 5050 Ultimate Dry #16

    Plus ..... the Tiemco is listed as extra fine wire and the FM as Standard wire
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    mottled tungsten beads

    I bought some brown mottled tungsten beads from the USA a few months ago and I really like them. Last week, I tried to get mottled light olive but my usual suppliers are not sending to England. Does anyone know supplier for mottled tungsten beads across this side of the pond ? TIA Jim.
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    I normally to use the biggest bead I can get away with, without encroaching on the hook point or exaggerating the pattern shape too much.
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    Tungsten beads

    Rip Lips across the pond in the good ol' US of A. Packs of 100 are very reasonable, post is too.
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    Wing Material for Klinkhammers

    If you are older (like me), Loon strike yarn works great and it will float all day. Easy to see too for us oldies.
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    Wing Material for Klinkhammers

    Have you tried dapping floss ?
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    Retro Classics.

    I remember the Bailiff at barn Elms back in the 70's only used a Black Chenille all season, and he caught more fish than most.
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    Retro Classics.

    Really liking that, super buggy look
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    Retro Classics.

    The Baby Doll too ......
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    Retro Classics.

    The Invicta was one of my top fish catchers back in the day. My point fly was usually the old reliable Peter Ross which caught more than it's fair share.
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    Snowshoe hare feet?

    As above, Hareline are probably the most likely supplier. My cream Snowshoe stuff is "RUMPF" brand (I think they were stateside) Also, Orvis supply a lot of snowshoe colour options ?
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    Veniards really

    Ongoing issues with Veniards ..... You order a bulk spool of 0.37mm lead wire for £7.99. They send you a 50g spool of 0.4mm wire that costs £6.50, and then claim not to understand what you are talking about when you complain.
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    Barbless equivalent to B175

    Thanks Oldbones and Rob, I will order some today
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    Barbless equivalent to B175

    I'm looking for a barbless alternative to the B175, having similar gauge, gape and length etc. Thanks, Jim