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    Fishing neck lanyard

    Use Tiny Tim’s teeth or finger bones as spacers?
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    Fishing neck lanyard

    I use a Dr. Slick. I find that an incorporated tippet holder is a big help plus I like a break open point just in case the wife decides the lanyard would be the ideal way to get rid of me, “Accidentally”.
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    Buying hooks.

    Hey Gary; I’ve found the Ellipse hooks to be of good quality at a decent price of 5.95 euro for 50 at Take care Terry
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    Good Lord Man! I’ve had one and been fishing with it for 10 years. It is definitely a 9’ 4 weight, carbon rod no matter what you may think. I repeat that you are confusing the Vision Cult with the Vision Cult Fiber which was a glass rod...
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    Yours were the later Cult Fiber. Here are the ones I am speaking of I was very tempted by the Cult Fiber but could not justify another small stream rod at the time.
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    The Cult was not a glass rod although they did make a glass version. Maybe the Onki or the new Hero both from Vision? I’m still using a Cult 9’ 4 weight as my main rod and would love to get my hands on a spare.
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    May I ask....

    I do the same except that I use a small piece of chamy instead of my bare fingers to apply a grease I got from Peche à Soie
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    Paw Prints

    My money’s on chupacabra. Another blasted invasive species from the Americas!!!
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    Cdc ant improved

    Hey Oholi; The problem with the cdc isn’t the color, it’s the way it was dyed. They must have got the dye proportions wrong as it is just clumped together and literally has little gobs of black dye hanging off of it. JMC rods are high quality but have learned to stay far away from their tying...
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    Cdc ant improved

    I think I may have finally found a use for some black JMC cdc I bought years ago! Thanks for posting this.
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    importing skins

    Some of the best cock and hen hackle comes from the States. Elk, Moose and various deer hair, snowshoe rabbit foot. Those are just a few off the top of my head.
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    Furled leader/tippet

    Also works great for sight nymphing or swinging wets.
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    Furled leader/tippet

    I will taper if I go longer than 5 feet of tippet
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    Fly identification help

    That is one ROUGH Hare’s ear!
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    Whereas I’ve had to give up on it and it is incredible quality!