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    Vision Onki 9' #5

    Vision Onki with two butt sections I bought his rod new. On arrival I noticed slight cosmetic defects with the butt section. The distributor, Guide, immediately supplied me with a new butt section. I used the rod once with the original butt and I've never used it since despite it being a very...
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    Guideline Elevation

    Maybe luck but I got two that didn't. Fantastic rods. My go to 9' #4 and #5 rods. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Have you got to order through Facebook?
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    River Rods you don't get on with

    Three rods spring to mind that just wouldn't work for me. 1. A Vision 3 Zone 9' #5. Very well regarded by many but I hated it. Sold it to Bruce1 on here and he loved it. Possibly still does. 2. Orvis Helios 10' #5. Another rod I couldn't get on with. Hated the action. Fortunately it wasn't...
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    GR50 broken tip

    Definitely call them directly. I've always had brilliant customer service from them dealing direct.
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    Best Amadou patch

    I got a lump from them a couple of years ago. iirc it was c. £6 for a sheet roughly 12 x 6 inches. Brilliant stuff. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Sage 4540 spare spool.

    Don't forget that 2540 spools also fit the 4540!! You may be able to pick up one of those.
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    Sparrow Hawk.

    My dad had one fly into his bedroom through an open window a few years back. It was a devil of a job getting it back out again!!
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    Hardy Demon - original v sintrix version

    Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'll wait untill we are unlocked and have a drive up to Alnwick. Try one out on the pool.
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    Wychwood 360 boat seat - Reviews?

    Ah. Great thanks.
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    Hardy Demon - original v sintrix version

    Hi all A while ago I sold a first generation (pre sintrix) Hardy Demon 9' #5 and I've regretted it ever since. I can't find an original anywhere to replace it. I'm thinking now that I might take a punt on a Sintrix one. Has anybody owned both versions of Demon and if so, how do they compare...
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    Wychwood 360 boat seat - Reviews?

    Hmm. I was wondering about that. I guess the clamp would be useful for the plastic boats with moulded seats. the advert says the clamp range is 17" - 22". I'd have thought it would need to go smaller than that for many seats??
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    Wychwood 360 boat seat - Reviews?

    Thanks for that!! 👍
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    Wychwood 360 boat seat - Reviews?

    Can you put a link up to this one please?
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    On a whim, I ordered a pair of the fit-over polaroid sunglasses on March 31st. They arrived on 21st April - 3 weeks order to delivery - way quicker than expected. They are pretty good glasses as well for a few pence over £7.