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    Wading boots problem

    I agree. I went from 10s to 11s a few years ago. Sent from my M2101K6G using Tapatalk
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    Women in Fly Fishing
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    I ordered a Minima fly reel on a whim on Christmas Day using Stock20. To my surprise it arrived yesterday, 9 days later, complete with free gifts, fly box, fly line, line straightener. I'm becoming a convert....... Sent from my M2101K6G using Tapatalk
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    Guideline DW fly vest

    What a nice offer. Well done that man!
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    Battenkill II reversal spanners

    As would 2 nails smacked through a piece of wood. Crude but effective........
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    Guideline DW fly vest

    That looks like a good bit of kit. Re the airflo vest/backpack combo a few have referred to. I didn't like it. Too heavy and it isn't like this one so not really comparable. I like the idea of the sliding pockets. Looks very neat imo.
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    UK made value fly lines

    I bought a Hardy reel from him and a "Rio Gold" fly line before it all went t1t5 up. Both at a fraction of rrp. The line, whether fake or not was/is one of the best lines I've ever had. So my experience was good.
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    Anyone bought one of their sinking lines?? I have both of these in a #5, the 3 & 6 ips So far I've only used the 3ips line. I've used it twice and I'm not impressed so far. Like a slinky and I'm not...
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    Wychwood Brookman Net

    Looking good steven!! You been working out??
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    Garry Evans 12 Deals of Christmas

    Excellent reel!! I love mine. I'd love it even more if I'd paid that for it!
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    2 weight rod recommendations wanted

    Thanks all. I've taken a punt on the Guideline LPS from Uttings.
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    2 weight rod recommendations wanted

    I'm considering adding a 2 weight to the armoury. Looking for something 9' or 9'6" that can be used for Euro style nymphing but will also cast a #2 flyline for dryfly and occasional spider fishing. Anyone got any recommendations for such a beast please? Sent from my M2101K6G using Tapatalk
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    Winter Socks

    But do they fit humans........
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    Rod repairs North East

    Nick, if you have any DIY skills at all changing a few rings is a very simple job. I successfully built a rod last year with no prior knowledge and my DIY skills are virtually non-existent. Alternatively, most tackle shops can probably either do it for you or put you in touch with someone who can.
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    Investments in fly fishing gear

    I'm not sure I'd agree with most. I think there's a good chance that will appreciate a fair bit, particularly if you are prepared to sell to the US. Only 115 sets of made in England kit!!. Will sell well over there I expect. Could be wrong but who knows for sure. I will say you would be...