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    The Guash

    I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. I paid it 8 years ago when I joined, if they drop it, to my mind they would have to refund existing members deposits or compensate them in some way. Once paid, £200 annual fee is not expensive for the quality of the fishing entitlement. And if once...
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    The Guash

    I understand where you are coming from regarding the joining fee. It has always been a joining requirement, and with long-standing members it would get complicated if the club dropped it. The annual fee has been dropped this year. If you do join and pay the fee, then in the future leave the...
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    The Guash

    There are a number of places available this coming season, please check out the website for more details. Guash Fishing Club – A long-established club with over 16 miles of mostly double-bank fishing on the River Guash and the River Welland.
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    Members who don't seem to post

    Uncle Alec is alive and kicking, very involved with his old cars. Scratch is on Facebook. Famous Grouse, Icky Pimp, who knows?