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    What makes us happy..

    well said
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    What makes us happy..

    putting up the decorations friday and today ,outside lighting ,tree ,decking the halls ,etc the thought and actually doing them p1ssed me off ,thumb tacks bending and imprinting on my thumb ,blood pressure levels rising ,climbing the ladder , untangling lights ,,well the task is done for now...
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    Doobry snatcher 12

    its me dave the p122 artist formerly known as doobry sorry for any confusion
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    Doobry snatcher 12

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    Jackson’s Fiery Brown Mayfly (variation)

    wow wow wow spectacular
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    great attempt gary for a beginner ,if i could point out a few things, are you burning the hackles to lenght? 1 too much bulk on the tail for my liking try slimmer bunches lets say 6-7 fibres alingn the tips and tie them in on top not the sides ,easier said than done ,but with practise it will...
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    Silver drake 12

    pt tail siver wire rib silver body dark olive hackle dark olive french partridge head
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    Olive Bumble

    lovely tying ,its always a pleasure to look at your flies
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    hello, I am a retired gentleman new to fly fishing.

    hi and welcome to the forum ,its always nice to hear from someone new ,i look forward to your future posts and listening to your dillemas in the future
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    Ghost 👻 hair pike fly

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    Grey monkey 🐒

    thank you for your kind words ,its a fly in the book by ejmallone tying flies in the irish style , the dressing is teal tail g/olive 1/3 grey2/3 s/fur body gold oval rib grizzly hen starling i used mallard j/c
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    Grey monkey 🐒

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    Recipe for the klink in a "klink & dink"?

    not . that id know anything about this kinda stuff,but should the tying of the klinks size be in relation to the dinks weight, (what hooks do you recommend and size ) should the hooks be big enough and bouyant enough to carry the weight of the tethered dink , what size are these klinks and...
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    Hackles dammmm hackles..

    Tie in at the tip of the feather with a few turns of waxed thread Then fold the tips back to the bend and give a few turns of thread over them cut off the waste tips and proceed to wind on the hackle about 2 turns, now holding the stalkgive 3 wraps overit with the thread It's now safe to let...
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    Hackles dammmm hackles..

    keep at it thats excatly how i learned