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    Peacock Fly Fishing Club- Wye, Derwent, Bradford and Lathkill

    × I am on the same page as you. I live too far away to justify buying a season ticket and the cost of a guide or staying in the Peacock makes it just too prohibitively expensive for a retired bloke like myself .
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    Recommend me some chest waders

    I fish 3-4 times a week and I am on season 6 with my Vision breathables They have a few patches but have held up well and owe me nothing .
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    Thinking about Tenkara...

    I bet lockdown with you has been a hoot ?
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    Thinking about Tenkara...

    Yes, I have dabbled with it on a few occasions recently and it’s most definitely not for me. It’s easy to be charmed by some nice looking gear , YouTube clips and some slick salesmanship off the web, but I will stick with rod and line 😊
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    River Tees

    You have caught already caught THE big fish this year 😊
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    Thinking about Tenkara...

    Fishing Tenkara is like having a pet monkey , seems a good idea at first :ROFLMAO::LOL:
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    Prescription sunglasses

    I wear Ray Banns ,with Polaroid prescription Vari Focal lenses . I buy a pair with standard Vari Focals and an identical pair with Polaroid Varifocals typically every two years . I get mine from my opticians ( not Specsavers or Vision Express as they push their own lenses which don’t suit...
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    I can’t believe this marvellous company Maxcatch are getting such poor reviews 😉
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    New 3/4 wt Custom Reel

    Not wishing to labour this thread which has clearly got out of order and no doubt risks being locked here are a few of my own points : 1) Rovers reels are not fake Ari T Hart or ATH or Dutch Reels, nor are they sold as such . 2) Rovers reels share a lot of design similarities to the reels made...
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    New 3/4 wt Custom Reel

    Very smart looking reel , a marvellous looking rendition.
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    Split-Cane rods;

    Chasing the taper including cost of the DVD , postage , import duty and delivery to my home address was about £60 . Was it worth it , no , I should have streamed it and saved myself approx £40.
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    Split-Cane rods;

    Rod action is largely a function of taper and material selection( and few other items ) One can’t generalise action being dependant on material alone.
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    Fishing with ultra light fly rods.

    I have a full armoury of ultralights ranging in the #1-3 weights in bamboo , graphite and fiberglass . The bamboo rods are made by myself , my fiberglass are made by me on Kabuto blanks and my graphite’s are all Orvis from their Superfine and Troutbum series .
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    Fishing with ultra light fly rods.

    You want to see these : and
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    Sub 7' Rod

    Probably best to state your budget ?