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    Grayling - Indicators

    Douglas, for river fishing with any flow, your nymph will seldom (never long) be suspended directly below the indicator. If your indicator is carrying the nymph, the fly will be travelling too fast and likely not deep enough. It is not acting as a floatation device, but more so an indicator of...
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    Day 7

    I hear the enjoyment in your trip reports and the positive desire to learn other skills. Stay at it. Things will all come together in time. I do smile at the relaxed pace. Arriving for the day at 10:30 and stopping for a lunch mid-day strikes me funny. On the weekend I often pour my lunch...
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    Fishing with ultra light fly rods.

    I find that I catch more of the larger trout with lighter line weights. Especially that first cast into a pool. I have myself convinced the 2&3wt lines land with less noise and disturb fewer fish. As mentioned, wind can make an ultralight day difficult. I use the rod to fight the fish with no...
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    Wet and dry wings. How do I ?

    I use a hook to separate the slips and then snip them off. Your tying a 14. Put a 16 of the same style in your hemostats and use the gape to measure width and the point to physically separate identical sized slips. Easier than counting barbs to make even pairs.
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    Teal vs mallard feathers

    I tie a Pink Mystery wet fly, with a folded wing. I can't find/remember the proper dressing and use either mallard flank or teal. Whichever comes to hand first seems to satisfy the trout.
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    Cleaning fly lines

    Thanks Al. I thought I had edited my post @12. Perhaps changed it before actually posting. I'm really not a Luddite. Just want to be.
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    Cleaning fly lines

    So if the edit button remains indefinitely, one could go back and correct any sentence with unsubstantiated bs and carry on? I understand correcting spelling or grammar etc. Changing what you have stated yesterday is another story.
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    Cleaning fly lines

    T Jim's screen is like mine. I have Report, Like and Reply as the only options to click. So as I post this I see Edit. Is it a timed out edit button?
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    There is hope...

    flyfisher222, you look younger than I expected. :)
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    Small streams thread?

    …" It is a real disease but Bill Gates has for some time held patents on the covid-19 virus! Now he is saying he will have the cure! WTF?)"... WTF exactly. Give your head a shake!
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    Covid 19 exist strategy steps and fishing

    BobP: "…The rod licence in this country is ludicrously cheap. I, and I daresay you as well, pay £20 for a year which is pathetic. Take yourself off to British Columbia for a reality check. Last time I was there I paid out $160 Canadian..." I agree! Take yourself to the other side of Canada and...
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    When you poach a club water and discover that the club chair is a professional cameraman...

    Once bought a house in a modest neighbourhood that came with 2 little shysters "terrorizing" the locals on their bicycles. Foul mouths, no respect, riding thru flower beds, etc. Grabbed one off the bike, by the throat, and told him we could be friends or not! That evening a single father shows...
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    Do you look back at your old flies.

    Here, in my Province, all waters are public access. Crossing private property to get to a river is a right. I find the "competitive types" are more secretive about the locations than the fly. I did get a chuckle watching from a bridge once. Local fisherman broke off on a very large brook...
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    What about the fish?

    Quite possible easker. Bill Tidy is new to me today. Thanks. I've only know this poem and parody song attributed to Les.
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    What about the fish?

    I do worry about Loxie and others similar that are so heavily affected by this pandemic, but for whatever reason, each time I see the title of this thread, I can't help but think of Les Barker. "Have you got any news of the iceberg?"