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    A rod licence...

    Mine's setup auto renew. Also paid all club membership, fortunately I didn't take up to fish the Wharf. One of the club have said they will pay back monies to those who want it but they will have to go on a waiting list if they want to rejoin next year (provided CV is over). Depending on how...
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    What are the Lancsy Lads up to next? (Volume 2) 2018-

    Morning guys. Damp start this morning and now just grey. I've got loads to do but unable to them. :whistle: This is basically down to the wife's and my daughter's health conditions as I wanted to start when I retired. I can't see me getting to do them for quite a while.
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    Kites Imperial.

    Nice tying for a rusty. (y) All my Kites are done with heron for the body. I like using heron so much all other olive patterns have heron for the body, I just change the the thread and rib with different colours of fine wire. 😉 My go to nymph is a grey nymph, again with heron for the body.
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    Still doin' the SI, still tinkering with me tackle! Next query ...

    Most likely the'll have a mono core. If you don't want to needle knot then try a nail knot or put a loop in the fly line itself. Try youtube for instructions. You just beat me to the post Jim.
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    What are the Lancsy Lads up to next? (Volume 2) 2018-

    Afternoon guys. Well phone line and internet all checked and supposedly no problems. Strangely, internet went off just 5 mins before engineer turned up. Went shopping earlier, everyone queued 2 meters apart to get into Aldi and car park full. Went to Morrison's as my mother wanted goods so...
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    Moral dilemma with COVID

    I think it's irresponsible. Okay they have an economical dilemma just like pubs, hairdresser etc and there is financial help out there (according to the Government). So! Are they going to pay any fines that their punters might get for non essential travel? How many of their punters might die due...
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    Corona virus lockdown boredom !

    Pod cast about midges and more:
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    Euro nymph fishing

    It would be different animal compared to a Tenkara rod, action and weight. I now of one guy who was going to do as you posted, he never did!
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    We can but hang on and dream for now.

    Not as good as my last session .......................... then I woke up! 😴
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    Spider patterns

    I've got 2 better. 😉, though I do have 2 spools of some colours. I've also got some Langleys. (y) That's a nice dedicated tying station. (y) I have a tying/computer area.
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    What are the Lancsy Lads up to next? (Volume 2) 2018-

    Well I've finished reading my E book. 🤨 Next project might be to tie flies recommended in the book. Do I need any more flies?
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    What are the Lancsy Lads up to next? (Volume 2) 2018-

    Mrs face went on Morrison's this morning, she had 55,443 people before her. o_O
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    Sawyers pheasant tail nymph

    Sawyer's way (well nearly): Use copper wire as thread, build up thorax and take wire down hook shank, catch in 3 pt fibres for tail, the catch in 2 or 3 more pt fibres by their tips. Then you wrap the pt fibres round the wire (be careful so as not to break the pt fibres). Use hackle pliers to...
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    The first fish you ever caught

    Or last fishing trip. :eek: I started fishing when 9, an uncle left tackle for me and my older brother, he had all the best and hated me going with him. Caught squat in that first year. However, my dad bought me a 7ft solid fibreglass rod (Milbro) and a Daiwa 7270A reel, 4lb line. Fished Lees...