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    Frandy 06/09/18(B.P.Angling Club Outings)

    Can't remember fishing with tim
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    Lake of Menteith 5/4/2013

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    Lake of Mentieth 5.9.12

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    Pike from Menteith

    Not the biggest pike
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    General Nature Photos

    Eurasian Eagle Owl
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    Morton Trout Fishery, West Lothian

    Fished here today, weather not the best had to endure a thunder storm, before and after storm fishing was excellent had 14 to boat and a lot more offers. had 8 on dries and 6 on nymphs and lures. also very good fight of the fish.
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    Bibio Snatcher

    Nice fly and tying, what hackle are you using for the palmer? Wilson
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    Fish SKB Fly Line Range

    Re: Pitsford Pirate 'Castaway' Fly Lines Lines arrived look good Wilson
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    Buzzer Swap.

    I will give it a go if places left Wilson
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    Big reel fritz help.

    Anglers Lodge is this the stuff
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    Look better with naked eye :omg: Comments welcome Wilson
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    Last Few Before Christmas

    Thanks for posting great videos
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    A couple from today

    Another dabbler and a buzzer
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    Quilled Buzzer

    It looked fine until you see them close up I think this looks more like the profile
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    Quilled Buzzer

    A Picric Quilled Buzzer