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  • Glad to hear you're getting into some fish. We've had an exceptionally warm spring, so I've even been out boat fishing as all the ice is gone.

    What did you get for a new rod?
    It is looking more likely that I will be moving to Casper Wyoming in the near future. Now this is a big move from Scotland and although I was there briefly in 2004 I have no idea about the type of fishing available. I figure there will be plenty single hand touting available but will there be any opportunity for double handed fishing?
    Look forward to your reply

    Ian C

    Totally forgot there were two types of PM's on this Fora. How's the stay going for you in Casper?

    It will be a permanent job Fred. No work in the North Sea but continental US is booming and screaming out for people with experience. i was there for a few days in 2004 but didn't get a chance to fish. I did drink some fat tyre beer though. it was pretty good. Thanks Fred.
    Part 3.
    Don't know what takes you there, but you'll love the place. And with your 'accent,' will be quite some time before you have to buy a beer. On that note, major beer (brewers) here make what we call 'Panther Pee,' it's weak and tasteless to put it mildly; 3.2 is the norm. But many of the 'local brew-pubs' will have some damned good stuff to 'sample.'

    How long will you be there?

    Fred Evans
    Part 2.

    Bit off the top of my head here, but Casper 'only' has a population of 50-55 thousand so 'fishing pressure' will be fairly light unless you want to fish right in town. Not a bad way to spend your lunch hour. :>)

    Casper's located at the north end (?) of one mountain range and just off to the side of another. Lots of 'high mountain' lakes, some fairly large rivers and lots of mountain streams to ply your trade within an hour (or well less) drive.
    Part one.
    Fishing opportunities abound! 99% of it will be single hander or on the larger streams a light 2-hander 'switch rod' (10.5-11 foot). A 5 or 6wt rod will cover 90% of your fishing. Over that would be' over kill' in most places. I'm sure you've probably hit this web site, but it will give you a good over view of the area: Casper, Wyoming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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