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    Your life in fly rods - how many can you remember?

    I started like many others with a cheapie Shakespeare, then on to an 11’3” Diawa( for some reason we all wanted the longest single handed possible for boat fishing back in the day). 1990 a 10’ Orvis Ultimate came along which was floppy but great and all I fished until... 2006 Loomis GLX-Distance...
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    Clip-on lenses

    I’ve had cheaper clip on lenses but they were poor and of little help. A year last Christmas Santa gave me Orvis clip ons, about £22 I think, and these have been a godsend for tying on flies and tying leaders, so I can fully recommend them albeit they’re a bit pricey.
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    FISHING 1937

    Enjoyed it thanks. A lot of smoking going on, the fish were bigger then, all having a great time but poignantly this was just 2 years before WW2. They were better dressed than we are, must look out a suit and tie for my next trip to the Lake, just hope it doesn’t rain😀.
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    Thunder Dunkeld..

    I just went a bit stupid on the 4lb until an annual trip to Rutland when just about every fish snapped me! I was pretty happy when fluorocarbon came along and I could drop the ds. Yes those Loch rainbows were stronger than any I’ve come across anywhere.
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    Thunder Dunkeld..

    Lovely fly by the way Wee Jimmy.
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    Thunder Dunkeld..

    Had a similar experience a number of years back when the bows were in the Loch. Came in a wee bit late at night after a long and fantastic fight with a big rainbow. Was asked on approaching the jetty what was up, I showed my fish, which turned out to be 5-10 only to be told that’s nothing...
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    Shuttlecock - Yellow Owl Variant

    Or a light Cahill with black thread for the rib. Just want to put some balance to the Francie bad mouthing, I know he’s a marmite character but I always got on well with him and found him supportive and helpful. I’ve shared a boat with him and also fished a Chew international in a team with him...
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    What was your...?

    Mine was a white cat, no pics as I think it ended up in the bin! All proportions wrong, first flies are usually a mess but then as you tie they get better.
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    Muddled Solar Flare Bumble

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    What is Santa bringing ?

    Mild? Bowmore? You’re having a giraffe! One is ok after a meal, otherwise it’s like medicine😀. Just sipping a Burgundy cask Tullibardine at the mo, class🥃.
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    What is Santa bringing ?

    After reading recommendations on here I’ve gone for a couple of new fishing shirts, craghopper kiwi, also a boat seat, the seat and swivel clamp together came in at £59 and it looks the dugs! TBH there’s nothing fishing wise I’m after other than these. Here’s the seat: Hoping it holds up to...
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    Possible start..

    One of the great thrills in fly fishing is the day you catch your first fish on your home tied fly, the day you do that is the day you’ll believe in tying your own flies. The one thing that’s helped me tie decent flies over and above quality threads and materials is a magnifying lamp. if you...
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    How do you guys do it?

    Early retirement and an understanding wife get me out 2 or 3 times a week, weather permitting, through the season with a Rutland or Chew/Blagdon week thrown in. When your time is your own you can pick and choose good weather days and also pick lochs that are fishing well. As Moc Morgan said...
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    Crawford’s Screamer Cormorant

    Nice Scott, does well on the Lake as does the same fly in lime green.
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    Best Carbon Trout Rods Ever Built

    Not a lot of mentions of Orvis. How I remember my first pricey rod, an Orvis Ultimate, it was the softest action in the world, had to wait 2 or 3 seconds on the back cast before throwing the line forwards. It cast a long way though and was so soft that I never broke on a fish. It was the total...