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    Quote Originally Posted by mrnotherone View Post
    That second match ended 44-19 and although Wigan's set piece was improving it wasn't really close. The big difference was that Bath were knackered! It was 1996 and professionalism in Union was in it's infancy. I'm not a League guy but I bet that Wigan side was one of the best League teams ever, Edwards, Paul, Offiah, Robinson, Farrell...all at their peak. Agree, it would be interesting to see a rematch with today's professionals. I suspect the League match would be closer - but the same two results?
    My memory playing tricks; I would have put my house on the second game being 8 or 9 points difference! Getting to the London Apprentice at 11.30 wouldn't have helped....Yep, Bath were blowing out of their backsides, and Wigan were the RL side of it's time.

    p.s, just found it on youtube. Very enjoyable.
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    As the WRC restricted the Aurumn Internationals, the game today between the Barbarians & Fiji was a welcome spectacle, close fought encounter with Fiji marginally winning the contest 33 - 31.
    2019 & it will be time for a change.

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