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    Default Re: Could I have an aquarium?

    Ok, best parts of four months into fish keeping.
    Happily the tank is now pretty well established.
    Lost a couple of fish early on, one within 24 hours of getting it with nine other Tetras.
    A dozen 2" fish in there now along with a couple of Assassin snails which are helping to keep the population of small snails down. Those can only have come with the plants I bought from the aquarium shop.

    Question:- What do you do when the plants get too tall or too big for the tank?
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    Default Re: Could I have an aquarium?

    Rejoice! Great problem to have, and a good achievement to have healthy plants.

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    Great to hear tank has worked out. Snails are a real pain. You can buy a gadget that you can scoop snails off of the glass with. Will try and find a link. You need to to do it every day but eventually you can get rid of them. Or just press them with your finger. Try this.
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