The Team OTY boys went for their annual reunion in the crisp air of Australia's Snowy Mountains and, within metres of their tent, caught dozens of trout. Whilst watching a neighbouring camper bag 2 x 8lb plus browns on fly, the boys had a ball catching dozens of trout on different natural and artificial baits.

You don't have to pay to fish here!

Here is some of the vids...

[ame=](Team OTY) Trout Acrobatics - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=](Team OTY) Rainbow and Brown Trout on Worms and Powerbait at Lake Eucumbene, Australia - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=](Team OTY) Australian Brown Trout Caught on a Wigstons Tassie Devil - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=](Team OTY) Eucumbene 2009 Trout on Powerbait - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=](Team OTY) Rainbow Trout on Powerbait - Lake Eucumbene - YouTube[/ame]

We hope you enjoy