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Thread: Tongariro and Lake Otamangakau trout

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    Default Tongariro and Lake Otamangakau trout

    Hi again
    A couple more Tongariro trout and River pics, and a few fish from Lake Otamangakau which opened on October 1st, most of the Fish were taken on
    7gr Spinners, we had a couple of fish to the fly but was very slow, this lake fishes much better to the fly when Genisis power are putting water into the lake and letting water out to lake Rotoaira, this causes a nice flow through the Lake. Noggin and I are experimenting fishing Loch Style through some of the 3 metre to 6 metre channels, this method is not practised often in New Zealand so any tips would be appreciated.
    This trip was part of a Fund Raiser for our Fishing Club, I donated a weekends accommadation and Boat Fishing on Lake Otamangakau and Noggin ran a raffle, Len Wilmer was the lucky winner, he did not have as many fish as the two other lucky winners we took earlier in the year, but had a great time watching Noggin and I catch a few.

    Clickable Thumbnails

    A couple of fish from the Upper Birches, both fish released, I got a bollacking from Noggin for releasing the top fish as he wanted one for the smoker, I'm back in the good books now, I brought him one back yesterday.

    Good camouflage, a nice Rainbow in a spring fed stream that runs into the top of the Silly Pool.

    A couple of Pics taken from the Bluff track at the tail of the Silly Pool, this is where the spring fed stream meets the Silly Pool.

    Lake Otamangakau
    Myself with 4.1kg Rainbow, this fish would have recently Spawned and was probably over 10lbs prior to spawning, another couple of months of feeding and it will be back to trophy status, I have booked an appointment with it.

    Noggin with a few, I think I should check to see if I need a special licence to take ugly fisherman on my boat.

    Len with a nice little Brown, and myself with a Rainbow.
    A good weekend with more than 40 fish boated and released.

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    as usual great photos ,awesome trout.

    The Fishermans Friend is the Flirty Fly,Fickle Food for Fleeting Fish.

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    Default Awsome fish!

    Yeah jim, I totally agree, See the first pic of the rainbow its the nicest qaulity rainbow that i have ever seen. Everything on it in perfect, Fins, tail and scales. Lovely fish.
    Instagram #epochflytying

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    Awsome photos. Is there any chance of increasing their size?

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    Ohh sorry, did not realise they were links.

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    Hi Alex
    watch this space and we'll increase the size by a few pounds next time we go!!!

    Cheers Noggin.

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    [QUOTE=tongariro]Hi again
    Noggin and I are experimenting fishing Loch Style through some of the 3 metre to 6 metre channels, this method is not practised often in New Zealand so any tips would be appreciated.

    Hi mate.

    Since moving to NZ I haven't practised it at all. I don't have a boat, and haven't got the readies to get myself a proper loch style boat, but I agree none of the locals fish this style.

    Best if you can get a minimum 9'6 or 10' 7 wt. 11 foot is better. A softish rod works well. I reccomend floating line or intermediate. 9ft leader to first fly. nothing smaller than a size 10 Deer hair muddler, or a size 12 bumble works here. I find a claret and mallard works well on a choppy day at Lake Coleridge from the shore. If you find any caddis or sedges coming off then Scottish Octopus work. Try three flies with about 6foot between each. Try soldier palmer or something next. Then on the point Invicta's, Peter Ross or Bloody butcher work. Esp the last two as small smelt or whitebait, fry etc. The point fly can also be a montana for example.

    Works well on a surface thats not flat calm. Use a drogue on the middle of the boat to dirift side on to the wind, cast out and fst figure of 8 or a pull retrieve. At the point of re-cast lift the rod as if for a roll cast and hold momentarily. Sometimes a fish has risen to the disturbing flies and will either take them at the hold or turn and take the point. Sometimes you will see a wake as the fish follows the fly in. Don't speed up retrieve. Its so much fun. Esp when they follow the flies in.

    I so miss this type of fishing. I sold my big rods when I got here as I needed the cash, but I'd love to get a boat and teach the kiwi's how to do it. A drift along the shore or along feedlanes.

    "The first men that our Saviour, dear
    Did choose to wait upon Him here,
    Blest fishers were; and fish the last
    Food was, that He on earth did taste:
    I therefore strive to follow those,
    Whom He to follow Him hath chose."

    Issac Walton - The Compleat Angler

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