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Thread: Fungi Identification

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    Default Fungi Identification

    I know absolutely nothing about fungi, any enthusiasts able to tell me what these may be? They are growing in my garden and clearly a bit storm battered, but in 12 years I've not seen anything similar on the property. Curiosity has the better of me. Thank you. Jon.

    Fungi Identification-img_2006-jpg
    Fungi Identification-img_2008-jpg

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    Looks like shaggy ink caps - Coprinus comatus. They 'auto-digest'. The gills are very tightly packed, so as the spores drop from the bottom end, the gills dissolve to liquid to make room for the spores above to drop out, and it continues, until the whole cap has turned to ink.

    This is what it looks like when it is 'new'...

    Some at various stages...

    They are good to eat - obviously you need to catch them young.

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    Thanks Col, appreciated. Also sounds like they would't harm my dogs, not that they seem interested anyway. Jon.

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