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Thread: looking for a new camera

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    Default looking for a new camera

    does anyone know of a good camera that you can put a polarized filter onto the front to take the glare off the water
    i dont want to pay loads for it maybe up to 250 euro if thats possible
    any info greatly appreciated

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    Ant bridge camera (SLR lookalike) will take a tube and filter, try some of the Fuji's. I have a wee S9500z myself which takes a 55mm tube and any screw in type filters.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default 2nd attempt at a reply...


    Sorry not to reply sooner. I did - I am sure I did - but the post seems to have been deleted. Hopefully not because of some new "ye're talkin' sh1te" filter admin have installed!

    If I can remember what I wrote it was something like this...

    An alternative idea that would let you experiment with polarising filters would be to buy a polarising filter and just hold it in front of your lens. I do that sort of thing anyway with filters that don't fit my lenses. You could buy one built for an SLR lens. I suggest a small 52 mm thread one would be less expensive than a big 77 mm one. Have a look for a 2nd hand one on eBay. The other option you could go for would be a square Cokin filter holder slide in type one. Obviously it is not ideal holding a filter in one hand and the camera in the other, but we all take photos with a fish in one hand and the camera in the other, and it is not as awkward as that!

    You want a "circular polariser", not a linear one. (That is nothing to do with whether the actual filter is circular or square.)

    When using it, you need to rotate it for maximum effect - watch as the scene darkens as you turn it. The best effects are achieved when the sun is at 90 degrees to the line you are shooting down.

    Bear in mind it will cost you 2 stops of light, so if the light is a bit poor, image blur due to slow shutter speed will be an issue. I have assorted polarisers to fit my lenses, but I very rarely use them for this simple reason. If you are trying to capture through the water, the target is usually something that is moving - such as a fish - and the last thing you can afford is a slow shutter speed.

    Hope that helps (and this time the post sticks )

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