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Thread: Sony SLT a55 10FPS

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    Default Sony SLT a55 10FPS

    Apologies that this should probably just go in the main 'photography' thread. Mods - please move it if you like.

    Rumour has it that Santa will be bringing me one of the new Sony SLT A55 cameras this year. I must have done something good.

    The camera claims 10FPS in continuous shooting mode and most web reviews back this up. I'm really excited about the possibilities for casting shots. Most of you will know that you wouldn't normally get anywhere near 10fps at this price - so this could really open up some new territory for those of us on a tighter budget.

    Hopefully the results will be usable as this was a big selling point on this model for me. As soon as I can coordinate it, I'll get some shots of casting and post them here.

    But this begs the question - has anyone else already done so with this model or the A33? If so, I'm dying to see the results!

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    It is hugely disconcerting to be scrolling down the main board and keep seeing SL!! I keep reaching for my card, thinking that another rod is on the market.

    Sorry that this is not the reply you might have been hoping for but if the camera has the moniker, Sexy Little Thing and performs half as well as its namesake then it will be a classic.

    "The sun was so delightfully warm, and the stone, which had been sitting in it for a long time, was so warm, too, that Pooh had almost decided to go on being Pooh in the middle of the stream for the rest of the morning."

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    I doubt the Sony will ever be a classic on the level of its Sage namesake! Its a nice camera - but I wouldn't insist on being buried with it!

    Glad to hear you are still alive and kicking Rob. I need to get up to your neck of the woods soon and see if the grayling are more obliging up there!


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