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Thread: Upgrade time.

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    Default Upgrade time.

    I have been using my EOS 450D for a few months now and I have been learning and enjoying the delights of DSLR. Unfortunately so has my eldest daughter... It would appear that I will not be getting it back from her She has joined a camera club at school and that pretty much is that! Bye Bye 450, lenses, filters etc. So, I need a replacement. Budget is the main factor, second hand is fine. I wish to move on a little in megapixel and control options whilst staying relatively user friendly. The 700 series looks appealing especialy the 760D and there is one locally that is just about in budget (400) that has seen little use. Can anyone offer real hands on advice on an upgrade? Should I grab the 760?

    Any advice and help appreciated.


    PS. I am open to all makes and manufacturers.
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    Default Re: Upgrade time.

    I have used a 450D for many years and I have just bought a new camera. I finally decided upon the 200D. It had 24 Mp good video and the main reason I bought it is that it is relatively small. I got a deal and it cost €499 from Amazon.

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    Default Re: Upgrade time.

    Quote Originally Posted by j j View Post
    I am open to all makes and manufacturers.
    I can only advise on Canon, as it is the only make I have experience of, due to owning a collection of Canon lenses.

    Just a thought. Take a look at the specs of a 7D mkI. They are just about giving them away - 150 gets you a good one. I still have my 7D mkI as my back-up body. Did this recent outing with the 7D (with EF-S 18-135 IS STM lens), as my main body was in for a service. Obviously, it's a bit older than some options, but it's a lot of bang for a few bucks. Have a look at how the specs stack-up against the other options.

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