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Thread: Recommendations please.

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    Default Recommendations please.

    The Mem is pestering about what I might like for Christmas and to be honest I really donít really need much, but it would be nice to have a camera for fish pics which was less of a faff than my mobile phone...which Iíve given up on due to stress on both me and the fish. Iíd ideally like something compact and robust, one handed operation which will allow a decent image and let me release the fish ASAP. Any recommendations gratefully accepted.

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    Default Re: Recommendations please.

    Most compact cameras will do the job. A good optical zoom gives more flexibility. Can be used one-handed but things like protective cases can get in the way. Best way to snap fish I find is keep them in the water in the landing net, get the camera ready, then take a photo and release.

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    Default Re: Recommendations please.

    Waterproof and shock proof, it will have to be robust. There's plenty out there so something with 16 megapixels, huge zoom won't matter so 4X - 7X.
    It's all down to what price and quality of build.
    I'm using a Nikon Coolpix PS500 but it needs upgrading. Not waterproof and it's taken some battering being stuffed in wader pocket.
    Was thinking of Nikon Coolpix W300 Tough.
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    Default Re: Recommendations please.

    Useful review.

    Best waterproof camera 2019: 5 great rugged cameras | TechRadar

    Worth noting that these, with the exception of the Lumix, do not have electronic viewfinders. If, like me, you need reading specs then fumbling for specs or trying to read a screen with polarised bifocals is absolutely useless so I need an EVF with eyesight correction!
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    Default Re: Recommendations please.

    You can download voice activation camera apps, tell your phone to open the app then say take a photo.
    Sensory voice is what I'm using at the moment.


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    Default Re: Recommendations please.

    Any of the Olympus Tough will do the job perfectly.And they will fit in a shirt/waistcoat pocket with a lanyard round your neck.Fish on,pull lanyard to get camera out turn on,let it hang round neck till ready.Fish landed,take released.

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    Default Re: Recommendations please.

    another vote for the Olympus tough , I have a TG4 its been my fishing companion for years . tough as you like and takes brilliant pictures.

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    Default Re: Recommendations please.

    I'm using a Coolpix, AW110, when I destroyed the original I replaced it with another one from ebay for £100, they still come up if you want to save a few quid. Does the lot, waterproof, creates a wifi hot spot for wireless sharing, GPS, waterproof, tough, you name it, ideal fishing cam. Very good macro and an intuitive interface. New models will probably be amazing, as wf says I'll buy a W300 when I wreck this one.
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    Default Re: Recommendations please.

    Just bought a secondhand gopro4 off ebay for £60. Seems ideal for the job, takes stills as well. I often take pictures when I am in the water so have a constant fear of dropping the camera in - so this should be ideal?
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