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    Default Fishing the Lower Itchen

    Hi all
    I am fishing on the lower Itchen for the first time in a couple of weeks. This will also be my first time fishing for Grayling.
    Any info, methods and advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Fishing the Lower Itchen

    You will enjoy this...upstream, floating line, klink n dink using a 4 or 5 wt outfit. Barbless; as it saves time and fish. See recent T+S mag and others for current explanations.

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    Default Re: Fishing the Lower Itchen

    The fly only beats you will fish are very nice, and to me are reminiscent of sections of the Dorset chalkstreams as the river divides into 2 narrower streams. Tactics as meyre advises.

    Heartfelt plea from someone who used to be a member of the LIF winter coarse syndicate - please don't stray onto the bait fishing sections of the fishery, the two don't really mix and anyway the best of the fly fishing is on the fly only beats. The bailiffing can be a bit casual in this respect....
    "In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is strength. In water there is bacteria." - German proverb
    JH based near Southampton

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    Default Re: Fishing the Lower Itchen

    Thanks chaps.Was a great day catching some lovely Grayling in superb surroundings.

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    Default Re: Fishing the Lower Itchen

    Hi there I fish the Itchen a couple of times during the year but specially in the winter as a day ticket is a lot cheaper. The Lower Itchen fishery get a lot of coarse fisherman all through the river even through the fly fishing beats.
    Now the coarse fisherman use maggots during their session and they feed the swims a lot, the best pattern for this fishery is without a doubt a pink shrimp nymph size 12 to 16, it will catch you grayling, trout and even salmon. Tight lines and don't forget those pink shrimps, believe me!

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    Default Re: Fishing the Lower Itchen

    By any chance has anyone fished there recently? Any info greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: Fishing the Lower Itchen

    3 years later........
    Fished here with 2 pals on Thursday last and got treated again! First, what a great place to fish from a 'where you are' perspective. Very close to Southampton and it's airport, yet with a feeling of being out in the country. Lovely river, tons of fish but could we catch 'em? I had 3 G's and a wild (I think) trout on a pale watery and a deer haired emerger; missed 2 or 3 others and had a few 'enquiries', so good fun; my pals had nothing fishing heavy nymphs.
    I knew there was coarse fishing here, but it seems to be allowed both above and below the fly only stretch, and we met around 8 anglers trotting a maggot/corn, only one fishing above. We reckon between the 8, they had way over 200 fish and probably equal numbers of Grayling and Trout. They were all really good blokes and were happy to show us how many fish were around by dropping in a few maggots. Lots and lots, that's for sure.
    I'm not sure what I think about the mixing of the 2 styles, except that we may go back and trot a maggot, which by the way costs £20 quid less to do which again is a debatable pricing structure.
    Anyway, whatever you're fancy, it's a great place to fish, there are tons of fish present and I'm sure a more competent angler than I would have filled their boots on the fly only stretch.

    Just remembered; on the BT Sport fishing programme, one of 'em had a 15 lb Barbel out just below the M27.

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