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    Default Re: Fishing the Monnow

    That's useful to know. I am staying on the Wye for a holiday week. So the only beats I could really only see were the WUF. I'll have to drive up to the upper beats or across to the USK.

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    Default Re: Fishing the Monnow

    What news on the Monnow?

    Any views about the auction for 2020?
    What should we do for the best? Will repeat on these Forums unless there's a realistic alternative.
    I have a few lots in hand and am sure there'll be more - let me know if you'd like to help!!

    Trout fishermen revere the trout; trout, on the other hand, unaware of their sublime standing in man's world, revere nothing, including man, a creature they seem to view with special contempt. Nihilism is a rare trait in fish but trout are full of it. The old men liked that.

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    An overwhelming response MrP!!
    "The sun was so delightfully warm, and the stone, which had been sitting in it for a long time, was so warm, too, that Pooh had almost decided to go on being Pooh in the middle of the stream for the rest of the morning."

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    Default Re: Fishing the Monnow

    I am sure I can find a few bits!
    Andy Wren
    Still fishing but slowly!

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