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    Default The Monnow Social 2018

    The River Monnow Social is back for 2018 with the opportunity to experience some superb river fishing in the beautiful Monnow valley between Friday 11th and Sunday 13th May.

    There is a current maximum of 24 see separate names list below (to which I`ve already added those that I know of and can remember being asked too!!) places available with your hosts for the weekend being the usual suspects from the Monnow mafia, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly .

    Whilst we always look foreword to hosting our regulars we also welcome fresh faces to the event, all are welcome. If you are new to river or fly fishing in general this is a great opportunity to pair up with experienced hands and learn some of the dark arts - You will be hooked – But in the nicest possible way.

    The cost for this year's event will be 130. Your money will cover camping costs, supper on Friday, steak supper on Saturday and cooked breakfast on Saturday & Sunday mornings; it will also include your fishing for the weekend. One day on the main stem and one on a wilder upper river beat. As with previous years there will be the opportunity to cast a fly Friday afternoon/evening on the home waters next to or near the camp site. Any surplus funds raised will go straight to the Monnow Rivers Association.

    As in the past, we will be seeking to repeat the Saturday night “lively” auction. So if you have anything to contribute - no matter how obscure - then bring it along.

    The idea is to secure a wide range of beats and keep them as lightly fished as possible so that nobody gets "sloppy seconds". For those of you who know the river system, well you know what to expect.

    The other thing to note is that the Social offers the opportunity to fish beats not normally available to day fishers. Many of them are among the most picturesque and exclusive beats on the river.

    So if you are interested and would like to come along, please drop me a PM and I’ll add you to the list of attendees.

    Patrick (Mr P) will be handling the two methods of payment this year:-

    By cheque to:

    Monnow Rivers Association
    The Treasurer
    Old Church Farmhouse
    NP25 4AW

    or by bank transfer:

    sort code: 30-00-03
    account no: 02433069

    Please use MRA Social as reference for Patrick`s benefit.
    Any questions just ask but as a taster visit previous years social threads.



    On the List:-

    1. mrnotherone (Jon Harris) PAID
    2. Andy Parker PAID
    3. Jon Kerr PAID
    4. Neil H PAID
    5. Polly Putnam PAID
    6. Polly`s Dad PAID
    7. Lee Evans PAID
    8. Dave B PAID
    9. Iain Mortimer PAID
    10. Gareth Lewis PAID
    11. Hobbit Mark
    12. James Rice (Via FB) PAID
    13. Simon Barton (Via FB) PAID
    14. Simon Clarke PAID
    15. Kim Green PAID
    16. Ian Sterling PAID
    17. John Alpin PAID
    18. Swelly PAID
    19. Shaun Watkins PAID
    20. Hobbit Mick
    21. JayP PAID
    22. Castaline PAID
    23. Headshakes PAID
    24. Brian Lavery (Via FB)
    25. Dogtanian PAID
    26. Sam McCubbin Western (Via FB) PAID
    27. Paul Dunstan PAID
    28. Derelict (Duncan)
    29. Toby
    30. David Massey PAID
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    Default Re: The Monnow Social 2018

    Can you add myself & Dusty please? Much appreciated.

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    Default Re: The Monnow Social 2018

    Me please Neil! Thanks!

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    Default Re: The Monnow Social 2018

    Thanks Neil

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    Default Re: The Monnow Social 2018

    Me please ��

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    Default Re: The Monnow Social 2018

    Count me in please

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    Default Re: The Monnow Social 2018

    Irish hobbit + one please!
    Andy Wren
    Still fishing but slowly!

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    Default Re: The Monnow Social 2018

    Yes please, if there’s a space left.

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    Default Re: The Monnow Social 2018

    Yes please!

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    Default Re: The Monnow Social 2018

    Amazing!! Can't wait

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