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    Default River Taff, Cardiff

    Has anyone fished this river lately and if so were there any catches.

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    Sorry Pwebs, I don't fish the lower stretches of the Taff, although I do fish higher up on the Brecon/Merthyr/Troedyrhiw stretches.

    If you ever fancy fishing a little higher-up, give me a shout.

    Hope you get the info you need.

    All the best.

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    Is the river recovering from the Welsh Water spill? How far downstream was ultimately affected? What about restocking?

    Anyone fished it lately?


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    Hi Mike, I've fished it a bit recently, currently it's in flood and highly coloured, visibility down to a couple of inches. It had a good flush (an appropriate term for the Taff unfortunately) several weeks back and no ill effects noticeable in the Cardiff area.

    The Saturday before last I Czech nymphed it and had a good mixed bag of chub grayling and trout, all under a pound on a very bright sunny day in very low water.

    Fished it as the river was rising and coloured at the end of last week, had a couple of trout and grayling, all about three quarters of a pound + a few smaller ones in about two hours. Nothing amazing.

    The larger grayling may be more switched on after this flood clears, I'll be trying for a salmon when it drops a bit, tomorrow or Wednesday probably.

    I'm generally fishing Taff's Well and Radyr but the grayling fishing is very good below Blackweir at the moment, - it's just a bit too busy with passers by in the day, try a very early start.

    Taff season with Glam Anglers & co. still only 30, includes some outstanding barbel fishing , plus roach, chub, dace, mullet and carp below Blackweir, the best mixed fishery that I know. Try fishing free lined bread flake there one day, it's a kind of lottery!

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    Forgot to say welcome to the forum pwebs.

    Are you local?

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    hello diawl bach

    i am interested in fishing the taff - does the Glam Anglers & co. 30 season ticket include trout fishing at Taff's Well and Radyr too?


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    That's the coarse Taff ticket for Glam at 30, Mark, available from Gary Evans, Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, their game ticket is 100.00.

    The game fishing ticket's just about worth it but I left it out this year,as I'm spending far too much on club tickets. Every spate makes me wish I'd bought it......

    Glam waters end at Radyr, I'm in another club for Taff's Well. Glam Anglers definitely have the best fishing, that's the one I'd go for.

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    I should add that the coarse ticket at 30 is only available at Gary Evans and entitles you to fish for grayling and coarse fish only up to Radyr. It's a joint venture by Birchgrove, Glam and Bute,who all have rights along the Taff.

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    ah, 100 makes it a lot more expensive! if you don't mind me asking, how much is the taffs well season ticket and who is it with

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    Default Taff

    Hi Folks.

    The Taff course ticket reads on the back . ( All course licences cover fishing
    for all course fish, grayling and non-migratory trout )

    I have one infront of me



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