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Thread: river taff

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    Hi Kieron, off to Lincolnshire for the holidays so not much river fishing up there! May get up to Driffield Beck at some point. I am back in Cardiff on about the 5th Jan so will hopefully get some Taff fishing in then, everytime I have tried to fish it recently it has been far too high.

    The Test was good to me again mate, had about 15ish the biggest was up around the 1.5lb mark. Very very spooky though, the water was absolutely gin clear.


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    looking back at all the previous posts guys. I am going to get a ticket and the reason why i didnt get one in the first place is that i was going to get one on the friday but the river was too high so i didnt bother going down there and when i eventually went down there on the sunday everything was closed

    hope that clears things up a little

    P.S i will be buying one for the next time though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mostyn View Post
    Trouble is its all *****ing and no good info

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