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    Default Rod ring sizes help

    Hi again ,
    Ive been looking at changing the rings on my enigma and have decided to change all the rings. I would like to make it as smooth as a babies but dont know what size rings to get. Should i try and get the closest hight and diameter to whats already on it or does a slight change in height (closer to the blank) not make much difference. I dont want to make a mistake as it will take both time and money to put things right, so if anyone could shine some light on my little dilema then that would be great as i dont know what sizes to get. I was thinking of getting the rec recoil snake guides but if any of you could recomend something that you think would be better then fire away. The rod currently has 2 stripping guides 9 single leg rings plus the tip. Its a 10' 7wt mid to tip action 2 piece. Any help would be great.



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    This might help

    I would go with the single leg recoils but a 7wt could certainly stand lined rings
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    I would second Sportsman's suggestion regarding fitting Fuji lined rings, they are superior in every respect - smoother for casting and particularly when playing fish and, unless you are very clumsy and crack a lining, you will never have to replace them as they will never wear out.


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    Hi ,

    Thanks for the advice on this one guys its cleared things up .



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