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    Default Old Cane Rod Refurb Required

    My old dad gave me his cane rod this week and it looks a bit run down. Where in Scotland can I get it refurbished? A complete strip down of the varnish, whippings and handle - the corks worn away with years of parking a fly there. I would like the original rings matched where a couple have been replaced and mis-matched. A full refurb.

    It's 10ft 6in and weghs in at a handsome 9oz with a really slow action of about a cast a fortnight!!

    Where can I get this done and what is it likely to cost?


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    Without specific experience of them, but getting recommendationss on their rod building and looking at the before and after shots of refurbs for sale I would suggest that you look at as a first step.

    On the basis of what they show annd illustrate on the site I would guess at 200 give or take?

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    Default Old cane rod refurb

    Apologies for the late reply. Alan thank you for recommending me. Bill the average price for the work you describe is about 150 but I need to see the rod to confirm. I have completed projects for clients in Scotland so distance is not a problem.

    I can send further photos of completed work if required. Contact me direct on

    Gary Marshall

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