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Thread: Help Broken Rod

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    Default Help Broken Rod

    Help !
    Hello chaps ! Can anyone help !
    I discovered a 2 piece Farlows from Pallmall fly rod - 9ft -5#6 rod in my father inlaws shed - to my horror on the butt section where the two sections join it has split ! - also it seems a feeble atempt to repair as an inch section has ben chopped off but now the tip part is to small (in diameter) to fit - if you get my drift !
    The rod is about 15-20 years old and for a surprise i would lilke to get it repaired if possible !
    Can anyone help -
    Farlows cannot help !- well they werent helpfull at all !

    Many thanks


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    I assume we a are talking about a carbon rod with a 'tip over butt' type joint?

    Split sections are very difficult to repair and if the split is a long one (1-1.5 inches), even if a repair is attempted it will most likely affect the action.
    The initial problem is to find the full extent of any splits as these are usually much longer than they appear. Gentle squeezing and flexing of the section whilst viewing it through a high power magnifying glass will give you some idea.
    The fact that the male ferrule has been cut off further complicates the issue to the point where I would say that, unfortunately, the rod is scrap.


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    I would suggest buying him a new rod.


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