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    I've just taken delivery of a Diamondback Diamondglass 7ft 3wt 3pc blank. It's gloss black. For a reel seat I'm using a Struble U20 with myrtle insert, any one ever used myrtle? I'm gonna turn my own grip with better grade cork from Mudhole which looks much better than the stuff I used on my last rod. I'm going to use either rust or candy apple for the whippings with no trimmings. Single leg guides except for the stripper. I'm also gonna have a go at feather inlays, a grizzle hackle. Does anyone build or fish glass?

    It's my second rod so I'm hoping it's going to look great.

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    Fibreglass is still widely used for sea rods, although it seems mainly in Australia and NZ.
    The only glass fly rod blank manufacturer I can think of is Lamiglas, who do a range of 3/4/5 weight blanks.
    I've got an old Lamiglas 8' 6" #6, although I rarely use it now, and a 7'6" #4 Hardy glass rod which is a great rod for small stream fishing.
    For certain uses, glass at least matches carbon, having an action more akin to a cane rod, although at a fraction of the price.

    I don't think that in the rod sizes where it's an option the weight factor is particularly important, as the blank weight forms only a small part of the overall rod weight. In fact a good E-glass blank will probably be little if any heavier than an equivalent carbon blank.
    Ian D

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    I use a Hardy Fibalite 7' #4, around 32 years old and brilliant on small streams.


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    thanks guys, I looked at the lamiglass but the Diamondglass is supposed to be a bit faster so I thought it would be a better introduction to glass, it's S type glass which I think is even lighter than E type.

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    I have lovely Walker Bampton 7' 3wt......its a PEACH !

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