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    Smile Fibre Glass Rod Blanks

    Hi, can anyone help?
    I am looking for a blank to make up a 6 foot or 7 foot fly rod in fibreglass, fast action would be nice. Does anyone know where I could get hold of one, or maybe even have one I could buy. Even better would be a 1 piece blank around the 5 to 6 foot length mark. I'm looking to make up a rod to fish the more overgrown of our small rivers and brooks, which I'd rather risk my 1 piece cane rod . Line weight not too fussed about, as I'm sure any made would be for an appropriate line weight. I'm looking more for an older blank rather than a modern and rather expensive one.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me

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    Glass blanks are hard to come by in this country, and your best bet might be in searching second hand shops, rather than looking at tackle dealers. Bit of a needle-in-haystack job though.
    They occasionally crop up on Ebay, but are usually more powerful rods such as the Hardy RW Superlite or Esk.

    I know you said you'd prefer second hand to new, but it might still be worth looking at the Lamiglas or Diamondglass blanks from the US.
    There's a good selection of blanks available in the size range you want, and the prices aren't too unreasonable.

    You'll be lucky to get anything resembling a fast action blank though, but personally speaking I find the softer action glass preferable for the type of water you intend to use it on.
    I've got a 7' #4 built on a Hardy Fibatube blank that I use for just that situation, and I use it in preference to my carbon rods, not just to protect them.
    Ian D

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    Give Johnny Hutchinson [Specialist Rod Services @ Biggleswade] a call on 01767 317122.
    He showed me a load of Glass blanks when I was there a couple of weeks back. I can't make any guarantees though!


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