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    I have a set of planing forms made by Barry Grantham (Lincoln) a binder and everything else for making Bamboo rods, these forms will also allow you to make swelled butts as well. There is a lathe, copper varnish dipping tube, block planes, setting clock, lots of guides, tools, silks, bamboo, blank turner, heat gun, glue and a book by Wayne Catternach which easily explains how to, with lots of pics and many tapers. The reason for selling, I am moving to Japan and have no where to put them or even the possibility to have a workshop. I have been making rods as a hobby for about 10yrs now under the name Andrew Victor. I had a lot of advice and tips from the Chapman brothers where I used to buy my ferrules and other sundries, I can pass these tips on. This is a complete set up ready to make bamboo rods. The lathe is included if you want it, it is old Randa lathe ( Randa Lathes ) which is perfectly servicable and will fit on a small bench about 3ft long this come with 4 and 3 jaw chucks and has various cogs for screw cutting which I never used and lot of cutting tools, it is single phase motor. If anyone is interested I am in Brighton. You can contact me via PM. You will have to come to Brighton to collect. If you wish to see the above you are more than welcome to view it or ask any questions. I am not asking stupid money, cheaper than buying one. I will PM you the price.

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    1....should be listed in Sales section have to state a price
    (if not sure - you can ask for an evaluation here)

    good luck with the Sale

    and good luck with the move to Japan
    in Overseas Sales -- I spent several fortnights a year for 5 years in Tokyo and Kyoto and Ako

    loved the place..
    wade safe...............john

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    Hi Yardbent.
    I wasnt sure where to put it, so thought rod building would be best, this is essentialy aimed at rodbuilders and is not something you see for sale that often. If admin wishes to move it to the appropriate forsale section I am happy. I havnt put a price, but given an indication, it mainly depends on whether they want the lathe as well and the myriad of hand tools. Anyone giving it serious consideration to start or try building bamboo rods will be happy to pm for the price. Thankyou for the goodluck on my new life in Japan. My wife is Japanese she is there already with my two daughters, I am left here sorting things out, tying up loose ends and get my visa, hopefuly will be there in next 2 months. We will be living in Chiba prefecture, unfortunately this area is not known for its flying fishing.

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    Here is a list of what I am selling
    6Ft metal planning forms double sided
    3 x Block planes
    Mini multi tool drill
    Magnify head set (cheap but works well)
    Lathe + tooling
    3 and 4 jaw chucks
    Drill bits
    Japanese wet stone 2 grades very fast cutting
    Plane steel sharpening guide
    2 x books on making bamboo rods.
    1 x book the compact lathe
    Guides course and fly
    Reel seat x 1 set nickel silver
    Ferrule x 1 set 18/64 nickel silver
    Brass round bar
    Hardwood blanks for reel seat inserts
    2 x jewellers snips
    Hook keepers and various other fittings for fly and course rods.
    Varinish dipping tube
    Rod blank turner
    Clamp for cork handle construction
    Bamboo very dry and seasoned nicely
    Plumbers torch
    Vice for flattening nodes
    Heat gun
    Various bit and pieces
    Thor hammer copper/leather
    Sanding block and some paper
    Engineer micrometer moore and wright
    Vernier callipers
    Engineer angle template moore and wright handy to run along when planning making sure both sides even 60 degree
    Setting clock for forms
    Few cork shives
    Handmade wood display for rods
    Pillar drill

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    Hi Andy

    Could we chat about the rod building equipment that you have for sale?

    What is the best way to contact you?


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    Hi Chris.
    I have sent you a PM

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    Hi Andy

    I should have just sent you a PM - but to be honest I'm not confidant that
    I'm using this system properly ! I can't see any record that it sent successfully.

    If you do not receive it then please let me know here.


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    hi Chris got your messages. I will contact you

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    The above has now all been sold, thanks for all your enquries.

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