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    Default Greys Platinum X Refurbish

    I have been given the above in a 9ft 5#.
    It seems a little worse for wear and will require a new reel seat and cork handle.

    So best place for this please guys maybe something with a nice hardwood insert.

    Also a few scratches on the blank so a light rub over with wet and dry and a spray lacquer over the top to tart it up a little?
    What lacquer or spray varnish is the question?

    Looking forward to breathing some new life into this and will suffice for my very few and far between small Stillwater visits?

    Thanks and am looking forward to some advice....


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    Default Re: Greys Platinum X Refurbish

    Iím a fan of the range of seats supplied by Taniwha rods and he makes nice grips as well but itís a matter of taste but there are a few other suppliers out there. For finishing the surface, this thread is a great read:

    Re Varnishing

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