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    Default Re: Has Anyone Built on a Taniwha Nano-Helix Blank?

    Many thanks, Simon. I've often called myself an imperfect perfectionist so Stage 4 may take some time!

    What I'm excited by is the prospect of applying what I've learnt to the next rod, a clean sheet so to speak. I was happy with the finish on the 'practice rod' which I gave to the lad, It's very, very soft and slow so should be good to learn on - but not something I'd fish by choice myself. I feel I've pulled this one back but I know there are a few tiny scratches to the rod varnish and some eyes are a tad uneven still - often from not risking sanding close to the edges and scratching more of the blank. I won't ever make the mistake of over applying again, I'm sure.

    Edit: Blank Weight = 1 1/2 oz. Rod Weight = 2 7/8 oz.

    I happened upon this rather charming, Winston Rod Co. film from 1996 the other day. It's worth the full half hour but if you skip to 22 mins 30 secs there's a scene of a woman writing the details onto the blank. She's a genius!

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