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    Default Has Anyone Built on a Taniwha Nano-Helix Blank?

    The dark days are looming and I'm thinking of building another rod, so I'm looking around at blanks under £100. This is solely because I have a gift card to that amount to spend by the end of this month!

    I'm considering a 10 ft, #3 as I've nothing in that size & weight at present and it might be fun in a float tube for loch brownies, but I'd be interested to hear of any member's experience with this range - or other suggestions. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Has Anyone Built on a Taniwha Nano-Helix Blank?

    I decided to go ahead with this project and bought all I needed through Mark at Taniwha - an aluminium tube, handle, Snake Brand snakes, Pac Bay DC stripper ring, a strap & ring keeper, winding check, a wee fighting butt, the blank of course, and a UL4 reel seat, all metal in 'Smoky'. I'm feeling a little guilty as Mark has already cut my work in half having trimmed the butt section to accommodate the fighting butt (to keep the section lengths equal) then reamed the handle for the blank and for the up-locking seat hood, at no extra charge. So, everything is ready to go!

    I opted for a budget reel seat as, although I really do like a handsome wooden insert, perhaps too much, I wanted to keep the cost around £100 (plus the 'reward card') and to focus on good cork and good rings first and foremost - content over form, always. The jump between £16 for the UL4 to £50+ for an REC and a nice bit of burl is just too much at this point in my 'career'.
    But soon, my Precious .....

    I asked Mark if he'd pick me a seat with a bit of pattern to it, not expecting much from a factory product but in fact, I'm pleasantly surprised. Here's the package:

    Has Anyone Built on a Taniwha Nano-Helix Blank?-1-p1030015-jpg

    Now, I ordered everything at 9 pm on Friday evening. Mark had the order completed and in the post on Saturday. It arrived in the Isle of Lewis on Monday - the last day of the salmon season, so I was out when Royal Mail tried to deliver. The service was, if anything, too good! My respects to both parties and, if you ever face an Emergency Rod Build, you could do no better than Taniwha for speed of service!

    I was also sent, unrequested and uncharged, a U-shaped keeper ring, just in case, and a spool of silver-grey silk wrapping thread which will, Mark tells me, become transparent under epoxy. That's a really nice touch and much appreciated. I did have a whipping design in mind but prefer his .... He also sent a builder's guide which, as a beginner, has some useful tips. His recommended ring spacings are on his website at Etsy but I'll do my own test first for the practice and comparison.
    It's also worth mentioning that Taniwha rods come with a rod bag, in this case a well-made, black, 4 sectioned bag with top ties and a cut-away to show the top of the butt section - a nice twist on the old idea. I've not found it easy to buy aluminium tubes in the past so decided to splash out on one at purchase. It was £30 but exactly what I want - a smart black tube (and suitably, a 'smoky' lid, I've just realised) without any brand logo spoiling it, so I seized the day.

    The rough breakdown of the build is:
    Blank - £90
    Al Tube - £30
    Rings - £30 + £4
    Handle - £25
    Seat - £16
    F/B, W/C & K/R - £7.50
    P&P - £7.50.

    Total: £210 (£99.50 of which was 'free cashback').

    I'll add that Mark has answered every enquiry within hours rather than days and this transaction has been flawless (which is more, I'm sure, than I'll claim for the resulting rod!). It'll be next season before I get to cast the result but I'll post pics as I go along with the build, ups and downs!

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