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    Default cork handle repairs

    I have a rod on which the cork ring that overlaps the start of the reel seat has broken and about a third of the circumference has come away and been lost. Any suggestions on how to make a repair please?

    cork handle repairs-gl3-handlea-jpg

    The shiney stuff is where I wrapped it in insulating tape to protect it.

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    Default Re: cork handle repairs

    Cut through the old one with a Stanley knife and remove it then put a slit in the new cork so it fits over the butt then araldite it and use insulating tape to pull it tightly together to set then remove tape and sand it down.


    If necessary you can break the replacement cork in two for fitting when it's glued in place you'll never see the join in it.

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    Default Re: cork handle repairs

    Pretty much what Speytime has said. Buy a pre-reamed shive for simplicity. I boil the cork for ten minutes to soften it before squeezing it on then use gorilla glue to fix it. Other than that we do the same thing. Some tips here:- Repairing a cork handle.

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    Default Re: cork handle repairs

    Thanks both of you. The tutorial in Repairing a cork handle. is excellent.

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