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Finding and identifying a non spreading clump forming bamboo may prove difficult without expert advice, Fargesia is one and would suit your climate. Many bamboos in garden centres are badly/wrongly labelled. contact a specialist supplier but bear in mind many bamboos are very expensive.
An alternative is to contain it in a bottomless concrete box sunk into the ground, depth would depend on the particular bamboo you choose but around 2 feet deep should suit most bamboos. Also check your house insurance because this can be affected by planting certain plants/trees too close to a property.
Blimey, I knew about trees but hadn't though of bamboo having insurance implications but it's obvious when you think about it.
If it is sometimes wrongly labelled, then that's quite a risk to take, with the potential for property damage.
I'd certainly look into it much more carefully now before planting any, however nice it looks!