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    Default General Question on Sections

    Is is possible to make a two section rod into a four section rod?
    “There is no more lovely country than Monmouthshire in early spring. Nowhere do the larks sing quite so passionately, as if somehow inspired by the Welsh themselves. There is a blackbird on every thorn and a cock chaffinch, a twink as they call him there, on every bush...... It moved me profoundly. I had been spared to see another spring, and I thank God for it.”

    Oliver Kite
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    Default Re: General Question on Sections

    I don't know for sure but if you can fing the appropriate diameter spigot and the right craftsmen I can't see why not.
    It will probably change the action of the rod slightly though.


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    Default Re: General Question on Sections

    Even i have done it ,way back I made a fibatube glass rod into a travel rod, using a solid glass spinning rod for the spigots
    I t worked fine , a friend who was a major league touring orchestra violin player fished around the world with it .
    Andy Wren
    Still fishing but slowly!

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