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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrP View Post
    He also killed them all!!
    Yes, I believe to the equivalent of almost 3 for every day of his best season.

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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by MrP View Post
    He also killed them all!!

    What a ridiculous comment. How about denigrating Pashley for not being politically correct while you're at it? Just about every other game fisher took fish, until we imported the American invention of c+r. Unfortunately this distorted rewrite of history has become fashionable among the most vociferous advocates of c+r. Perhaps we should all hang our heads in shame at that good day we had back in the 1980s when we took a few fish? Instead of putting about this sort of rubbish you should be promoting the fact that the reason we have any fish at all is due to anglers! If you honestly think Pashley wielding his priest has lead to the demise of the Wye Salmon you need to have a good hard think!


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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    If you read my comment in context you might understand better that I was trying to point out that, given our obligation to return fish these days, we are better served by a longer rod to land them quicker.
    I was never making a case for C&R or indeed denigrating the behaviour of the Wye Wizard.
    Trout fishermen revere the trout; trout, on the other hand, unaware of their sublime standing in man's world, revere nothing, including man, a creature they seem to view with special contempt. Nihilism is a rare trait in fish but trout are full of it. The old men liked that.

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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    Mr P

    My apologies for criticising you out of context. Looking back I accept you were making the point that a 10ft rod is not the best tool to land a salmon quickly. No hard feelings I hope.

    While accepting I have jumped the gun in MrP's case, I still hold by my view, that this nonsense of trying to blame modern stocks on anglers taking fish in the past, is damaging to the future interests of angling.


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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    Aha! SF and C1 are back but in new guises.

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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by washington View Post
    Aha! SF and C1 are back but in new guises.
    With 13 posts Over several years, I've got a bit of work to do

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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    Are we sure a 14/15ft 10/11 weight double hander can put more pressure on a fish, than say an 8 weight single hander?

    The longer rod aids control of the fly that's all.

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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    If a shorter rod is to be considered less capable of landing fish how is it that the majority of Wye fish are hooked and landed on spinning rods of 9 or 10 feet long?

    A glance at most tackle catalogues will reveal 9 feet rods advertised for catching Tarpon,Sailfish and even Sharks.

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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by sewinbasher View Post
    Also my favourite beer! You can get it delivered mail order Colin, not quite as good as from the barrel but not bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by New Kid View Post
    Yes Colin, a great beer....would it help if we sent a picture?

    Richard & Gail of the terrific Sun Inn, Winforton very kindly gave us a case of Butty Bach as a leaving present It was consumed with relish! Mind you, being bottle conditioned it didn't appreciate the journey much!

    On one occasion I had just enjoyed two early evening pints of BB when pub regular walked in and offered me his rod - as he'd finished for the day. I walked down to the river and caught fresh 10lber first cast - then went back to the pub - smug!

    What a pub, what a pint - what a river!

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    Default Re: The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    In my view the length of the rod is far more relevant to line control than quick playing of a fish, it's the test curve irrespective of length that's the most important factor in the time needed to play a fish. A 13' 8wt will take far longer to play a fish out than a 9' 12wt. The quickest way to land a fish is with a spinning rod with a test curve of 2lb or 2.5lbs fished with something like 20lb b.s. line. Of course line diameter does affect the attractiveness of lures and flies so it's a compromise.

    I did most of my Wye salmon fishing with a 10' Hardy No.2 spinning rod (or similar) with ABU 6501 multiplier and 17lb Stren reel line with a 15lb Maxima trace and almost never got broken and reckoned roughly 1 minute per lb to land a fresh run salmon. When fly flshing I used a Hardy De Luxe 15' 4" with a 15lb leader unless using small flies when I might come down to the 13' 9" model with a 12lb (or even 10lb) leader. The main problem with lighter and shorter rods is in the size and weight of fly that they can safely throw.
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    “There is no more lovely country than Monmouthshire in early spring. Nowhere do the larks sing quite so passionately, as if somehow inspired by the Welsh themselves. There is a blackbird on every thorn and a cock chaffinch, a twink as they call him there, on every bush...... It moved me profoundly. I had been spared to see another spring, and I thank God for it.”

    Oliver Kite
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