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    Laxdale's suggestion of the Conon is probably your best bet for a fish but if you want to stay a bit closer to Ullapool or the area to the north you could try the Kirkaig or Inver. There should be a fish or two in both in June.
    The Inver Lodge Hotel should be able to do you a permit but their website points you to the Sportinglets website. You would hope that if you rang the hotel a night or two before hand they could sort you out without having to go via Sportinglets. You wouldn't want to be booking it too far in advance not knowing the state of the water (drought or roaring spate). Be aware that you need to be a bit of a mountain goat to fish the Upper Kirkaig!


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    I would agree about not booking too far ahead. The odds can be against you in June. At the risk of being a downer do some homework on some trout fishing in the area as a back up.

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    Thanks all for you valuable information,it’s a lovely area even if it’s dry ,cannot wait !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moorsman View Post
    Thanks all for you valuable information,itís a lovely area even if itís dry ,cannot wait !
    Ullapool dry? Was once in 1974.


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    Hi Moorsman,

    I live on L Broom, just returned from o/s hols and saw your enquiry, I on request gillie for the estate that owns the river.
    The U river is let in conjunction with Rhiddoroch House through a letting agent, (Goldsmith's I think). It is worth a call to the estate though to enquire about availability, 01854612373, however it is a popular destination with many returning parties.
    There is a spring run which can begin in March, then the grilse appear around July depending on water. It is a classic spate river and can produce good catches when conditions are right, some pools are technically challenging, 11/12' rod with a floater with various 5' tips work best.
    As for nearby, the left bank of the R Broom is let through Inverbroom lodge, the right bank is private.
    The Dundonnell River is let through the Dundonnell estate, again a small spate river and is usually well tenanted. Drop me a pm if I can be of help.

    Start ankle deep with a short line, ALL wild salmon go back

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