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    Default Stripping basket

    Sorry if this has been covered before, but what would you advise as best stripping basket for use in UK Bass fishing from the shore?

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    The Orvis stripping basket. Expensive but very good.

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    Thanks Chris ... it looks great, but does it have any drainage holes? Are these essential or not?

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    No drainage holes. Drainage holes allow water to run out, but if you are deep wading then it also allows water in
    If you get water in the bucket just tilt it back towards you and the water will empty

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    Ah okay .. that is good advice.. thanks again.

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    Steve Parton does, or did the last ime I spoke to him about them,two or three different ones. Tel 01159 463572
    One of them made even had little loops for retaining the line when windy.

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    Ok thanks very much .. will give him a bell.

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    make your own, a small basket, belt and some cable ties. All in cost about 10. Google homemade stripping basket.

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    I am in the make it yourself camp too.

    Washng up bowl from Wilco or Lidl...about 3 (better moulding than the current Orvis or LL Bean one..they have really gone thin recently.

    Drill some holes in the bottom, just smaller than the cable ties you are going to use for the "spikes"....mine ar about 3mm across and I have a pattern of them 4, 3, 4.

    Next some holes in the inside bottom, for drainage - again mine are 5mm across. Put the drain holes between the cable tie holes.

    A couple of 8mm holes in two corners on one long side (for the bungy strap for your belt). So the two corners that will be nearest you when it is against your waist.

    One bungy strap just long enough to round your middle, it acts as a wading belt too!

    Cable ties...push them UP through the bottom, so the lump where you would normally feed the end of the tie through to form the loop is hard up against the bottom of your bowl on the outside. I have then epoxied mine in place, both inside and outside, so they are fixed solid.

    Here is a pic, so you can get an idea. They work every bit as well as a bought one. If ever you have to dump it in an emergency, you won't cry over the loss of 5 worth of stripping basket!

    and in use:

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    That looks excellent! Many thanks!

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