Hi Tim, have a read of my report from Punta Allen in July last year if you have a mo....the suggestion of trying to swap the Orvis for a 9 wt not a bad idea, Id have all 3 rods with me with one of the 8 s or 9 if you have one set up for Permit with whatever fly the guide recommends. I had loads of crab flies with me for Permit but not many shrimp, google the Enrico Puglisi shrimp patterns if you fancy tying some yourself.
I hear the new Rio Flats Pro lines are superb, retail at 105 but can keep an eye out for offers. Expensive but v the cost of the trip? Dont forget the casting lessons as I did, well just didnt get round to it, however a big regret now as messed up several shots at big Permit! Ended up getting the lessons this Autumn and wow so wish Id done it before. Put a shout out on here for someone local to you im sure you ll pick up a recommendation as I did.....good luck.