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    Default Trip advice - Belize

    Hi all,

    first proper post so some potential for silly questions.

    Having had a taste of Bonefishing whilst on 'normal' holidays, and getting somewhat addicted, i'm off on a dedicated trip to Placentia, Belize in November.

    in the main it will be Bonefish, and i have sorted outfits for them (i think). One good quality one (Orvis Recon - seemed to suit my casting, and a Hydros reel with an 8wt, and the cheaper outfit i bought for the holidays as a back up (Airflo Bluetooth and accompanying reel, also 8wt).

    There will also likely be some shots at Permit (hopefully!), as well as some fishing in the mangroves for 'Fun' sized tarpon (5-30/40lb by all accounts).

    i'm planning on a 10wt that i can have set up for shots at permit, and use for the tarpon.

    Having shelled out on the newer bonefish outfit, id rather keep it on the cheaper end than going all out.

    Any advice?

    potentially looking at the Bluetooth again in 10wt or the Farlows Saltwater fly rod 10wt, and the largest Hydros reel.

    or this which is just the 10wt version of my cheaper bonefish set up.
    Airflo Bluetooth Nano Saltwater Fly Outfit - Sea Fly Fishing Combos Kits

    or am i way off the mark?

    Any advice welcome!

    thanks, Tim

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    Default Re: Trip advice - Belize


    From Placencia you will may spend more time targetting permit than bonefish.

    I think I understood that you have a #8 outfit and are looking to get 2 more outfits. In my view don't get a second #8. Get a #9 and #10. Get a floating line for the #9 and an intermediate tip and a proper sinking line (350 grain or more) for the #10.

    If you're not going for another 10 months or so you have plenty of time - set up some searches with notifications on ebay . Not just rod but also reels and lines. You will need two spools for your #10 outfit or a second reel.

    One thing to be aware of is that line profiles are far more significant than in freshwater. An overweight or short headed line will cast more easily but probably not as far as a true weight or longer headed line. Some lines can be priced at over 100 so its important to buy the right line at a good price. At list prices Airflo lines are the best value - but if you bide your time you can buy lines at well under list prices. (and I don't mean buying counterfeit lines).

    Check out the Bloke ebay shop. Mick Bell has some very good (half price) offers on on blanks with full set of fittings including handle already fitted - effectively all you need to do is whip on the rings. That will cost you about a third or less of the cost of a built rod.

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    Default Re: Trip advice - Belize

    have the farlows rods in 8 and 10
    at this point have never felt the need to upgrade, have them paired with nautilus nv,s.
    great rods for the money , have had permit and countless tarpon to nearly 50lb on the 10wt.
    dunnieski or yordan 2 of the Cuban fishing guides rate them highly.
    I cant compare as ive yet to ever cast a real high end rod.
    every time I get the money together for a couple of blue nrx,s I book another fishing holiday!!

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    Default Re: Trip advice - Belize

    if you already have a recon 8 get a recon 10.
    same rods and same reels at different weights always looks better in the skiff..haha.

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    Default Re: Trip advice - Belize

    OC is bang on; that area of Belize is a permit destination first and foremost. Everything else a distant second.

    I spent a week at one of the basic lodges out on the reef there and my fishing partner and I caught less than 10 bonefish between us in the entire week. We did though both catch our first permit. We saw some tarpon but couldn’t get them to eat flies. 2 other guys at the lodge fishing with plugs etc couldn’t catch the tarpon either.

    Bear in mind that some of the lodges are based on the mainland and so every day involves an hour out to the reef morning and night. Also you arrive at the tarpon spots just as the reef based locals are leaving !

    The good news is that the permit fishing is world class. You will get more shots than almost anywhere else on the planet. What you catch will be basically down to your fishing ability. Permit fishing is very much a meritocracy.

    Take reliable gear, tie decent knots and take a variety of suitable flies. Then make sure you can cast 60ft quickly, accurately and quietly.

    If you want to blow your mind before you go, read Jon Olch’s book On permit; all 1000 pages of it.

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    Default Re: Trip advice - Belize

    Hi Tim,
    I am quite new at salt water fishing and have built up my tackle used eBay to pick up some top quality rods lines and reels at very good prices, also have a look on this forum as well for tackle as good stuff pops up here.
    On the fly selection make sure you have various weights to cope with different water depths.
    Tight lines mate.

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    Default Re: Trip advice - Belize

    Morning chaps - sorry for not replying individually - couldn't log on over the weekend.

    First things first, yes, couple of casting lessions booked in before hand and practice so far, so hopefully that should be ok by November...!

    in terms of location, the guy we are going with has been 8 or so times and last time it was mostly bonefish, a couple of shots at permit, and a bit of smaller tarpon fishing in the creeks/Mangroves. He is back from a separate trip this week so should hear more.

    Tackle wise - i already have two #8 outfits. the Orvis one, plus the cheaper one i got before a holiday so i could dabble whilst out there and see what i thought. I've kept hold of it as a back up for the trip (and hopefully subsequent trips).

    So am looking for a #10 wt to cover the permit and tarpon side of things. Id like to have a separate rod set up to cover permit so i can try and make the best of any shots i might get at them.

    Ceramic, much as i would love to get the same in #10, i think the Girlfriend might have a minor coronary....

    Will set up some alerts on scour Ebay. Hardest part might be having to wait through the next 9 months

    Thanks again all.


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    Default Re: Trip advice - Belize

    If I were you and I hadn't stripped the plastic off the grip I'd be going back to Orvis to swap the #8 for a #9 or 10. orvis customer service is legendary.

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    Default Re: Trip advice - Belize

    The Sportfish own brand salty rods are fine and currently 50% off.

    You cant buy better for 120 odd. I bought one for a mate last year (full price). It was the best around for that budget.

    Nearly all my salty rods were bought used and only one was that cheap! It is a St Croix Legend Elite 10wt - awesome permit rod, but like rocking horse ….

    Hope this helps.

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