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    A few years back I tried to catch a mullet on a fly with pretty poor results, well I say pretty poor - I didnt catch a thing (apart from a dab high in the water on a black pennall!)

    We tried a couple of waters in Wales and some more local waters (I'm in Norfolk) but just couldnt catch.

    Thinking of giving it another go this summer on some of our local estuaries where Ive seen lots of mullet cruising upto about 5lb but mostly smaller.

    Does anyone have any tips? Particularly fly selections, the only mullet I have every caught was on floating bread flake, it would be nice to try and catch on a fly!

    Any tips would be greatly received!


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    Have a search under the authors name of Timmy Mullet, over the last couple of years he has submitted a lot of information.
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    Just type mullet into the search box, top right, lot's of info.

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    Have a look on youtube also for Colin Macleod Mullet Masterclass part 2 there is a great info video there for mullet on the fly/patterns/tactics/the different species thick lipped/thin lipped/golden grey etc etc.
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    Mullet are sometimes very challenging to catch on anything let alone a fly, it's part of their charm.
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    thanks everyone!

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    More mugiles than you can shake a stick at here - the Ria de Lires by Santo Estevo de Lires

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    Here's a link to Selectafly who offer a range of mullet flies. If you tie your own then copy the pics.
    2nd link is to an article on fly fishing for mullet, with info on how to fish the flies at the end. Click on 'more details' to open the article. Good luck. Colin
    Mullet on the Fly

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