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Thread: PB!

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    So, I have been trying for two years to catch one of the many BIG Mullet that visit the mud flat right in front of my flat with no success! Today a school of 20 plus fish were splashing around down there at high tide, it was just too much temptation so I headed down for an hours fishing, casting some of Timmy Mullets Patterns at them and trying all kinds of retrieves and all of them ignored, as usual! I'm starting to think they are not feeding but breeding down there! Then I spotted a grey shape about 30 feet away moving slowly left to right, a quick single spey cast put the fly 3 feet or so in front of the fish and as the fly sank the fish swooped in and I was finally in!!!
    The fish headed straight for the clumps of weed on the mud flat and I ended up with quite a bit of weed on the line. Despite the weed something just did not feel right about the fight, no real speed, but lots of heavy resistance, 10 minutes later still no Mullet but a PB Bass on fly released and estimated at over 4lb as it was 24 inches long and quite fat!

    Not sure if I am disappointed or chuffed !
    All the best

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    How on earth could anyone be disappointed with a fish like that on the fly.
    You certainly paint a picture of an exciting adventure of what was a spur of the moment decision to go after them.
    Congratulations on a fine fish.

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    That's a cracker of a fish we'll done! 👍


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    Maybe the wrong targetted species but a cracking specimen. Well done.
    2019 & it will be time for a change.

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    Lovely bass! I often pick them up on mullet patterns. In fact all of the larger bass I have caught have been on sz 12 shrimp patterns or flexi worms.
    2nd fish I caught last weekend felt like a mullet, fought like a mullet and I was genuinely disappointed to see the spike dorsal pop up towards the end of the scrap. Shouldn't complain really, some guys would like to catch such nuisance fish.
    Keep going and you will get the real deal🙂

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    Nice bass, looks like it has already spawned successfully this year

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    Since they often swim together it's no surprise, you tend to find the mullet are in front of the bass on a flooding tide so bear that in mind when casting.
    Lovely fish btw.

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