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Thread: Newly addicted.

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    Excellent post.

    I'm addicted to them too, having only fished for them on 3 occasions and caught none. And living in a part of the world where any Mullet needs thermals - even in the summer.

    Luckily I'm also addicted to any Saltwater fish caught on the fly and (as my occasional posts have shown) especially Pollack. Did quite well with those in Assynt in August, despite the best efforts of the weather to make most marks unfishable.

    Here's a question for you salty types and relates to previous threads on the fighting abilities of fish. I caught a Coalfish of around 1.5 lbs in Assynt and it went like the clappers and, dare I say it, better and longer than Pollack of a similar size. Now neither are Mullet or Bass, but it would be interesting to know whether anyone else has caught a decent Coalie on the fly and what they thought of the experience. Maybe my fish had delusions of grandeur - it came to a Crazy Charlie tied for the Bonefish I'll never get to fish for!!

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    I went out again today, to a spot near Dundrum where a little river runs in under an old railway bridge. The river was full of mullet, all of which briskly ignored everthing I did. At one point they were swimming too close to my feet to cast to.Newly addicted.-img_20190913_125345-jpg
    No stress there then.
    Not only am I a master of suspense, but I

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